Biomass a renewable energy

In order to meet environmental challenges, the use of renewable energies, in place of or in addition to fossil fuels, is a good solution to reduce CO2 emissions.

Once renewable energy production is set up and investments made, the cost of energy will be cheaper than the cost of fossil fuels, because there are abundant and free sources. It is now essential to respect the basis of the 3 R ethical approach :

Biomass a renewable energy

By using biomass as fuel for an adequate biomass boiler or incinerator, we can then use the heat produced by combustion to provide the following energies :

  • To generate electricity. The heat from the combustion powers steam turbines or ORCs, which will produce electricity for domestic use, industrial applications, or to resell it to the local or national grid.
  • To produce cold. The heat from the combustion is used in cold by absorption units, which will be used for air conditioning, food storage sheds, industrial cold, etc.
  • To provide heat. The heat from the combustion is adjusted in temperature for domestic heating, for drying and dehydration processes, for food applications, etc.

It is possible to supply one of these energies for a given application, or several of these energies simultaneously, for several applications at the same time.

The term biomass includes all plant materials. Biomass allows to produce an energy which comes from solar energy transformed by chlorophyllin plants. The resulting energy (energy production by combustion) is an energy that emits carbon dioxide as much as the plant absorbs it during its life, which makes a neutral balance. Contrary to popular belief, using wood (one among many of other biomasses) for energy does not destroy forests because the wood comes mainly from waste from the wood industry and from forest waste.

Le bois


  • INFIGROUP brings you innovative solutions in the search for new sources of renewable energy from:

    • Waste from forests (not usable in working/constructing wood)
    • Urban green waste (pruning, lawns, etc.)
    • Agricultural waste (rice husks & straw, olive pomace, EFB from oil palms trees, coconut shells, sugarcane bagasse, etc.)

    We can help you to get rid of this waste while producing renewable energy you can use in the form of one or several simultaneous energies (electricity, heat, or cold)

Documentation :

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